Our Values

The values of Respect, Responsibility, Empathy and Resilience guide the way we behave, learn and grow at school. They are qualities we strive to be known for, and characteristics we hope to take with us in our life beyond primary school.

Led by the student leaders, our students voted to select four local animals to represent these values.

Rainbow Lorikeet – Responsibility

These colourful birds are a regular sight in the ancient red gums that line the Onkaparinga River and in our school grounds. Rainbow Lorikeets represent responsibility because when in breeding pairs, both birds work together to build their nest and gather food to feed their family.

Red-bellied Black Snake – Respect

The Red-bellied Black Snake is often found around rivers and wetlands, where it feeds on fish, tadpoles, frogs, lizards, snakes and small mammals. Although Black Snakes are venomous to humans, they are usually very shy and will freeze or try to hide if approached. They remind us of the need to be respectful of each other and the landscape we live in.

Western Grey Kangaroo – Empathy

Western Grey Kangaroos are often seen on the hills surrounding Old Noarlunga and occasionally have to be escorted out of the staff carpark! Empathy describes the ability to understand the feelings of others. As very social animals, Western Grey Kangaroos, communicate, play, care for and look out for each other. This reminds us of the importance of striving to show empathy and the skills we need to work together as a community.

Koala – Resilience

Koalas occasionally appear in the big trees of Old Noarlunga Primary School. These marsupials symbolise resilience in their ability to survive in challenging conditions. Koalas only feed on eucalyptus leaves which are toxic to most other animals. However, koalas have a number of special adaptations that help them to survive on this low-energy diet and the dry environment of Australia. This includes a special organ in their intestine to digest the leaves, drawing moisture from the leaves instead of drinking water, and spending a large amount of their day sleeping!

We acknowledge and celebrate our school values throughout the school year through a range of events and learning programs. Our School Spirit Awards allow the school house teams to earn points over the year for demonstrating the responsibility, respect, resilience and empathy, with a whole school celebration when certain milestones are reached.

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