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Supporting your child with reading

Supporting your child at home while they are learning to read is very important, but can also be a daunting job. We have found some resources that are designed to help you do this, while complementing what your child would be doing in school.  In order to help you do this in the best way you can, it is helpful to have an idea about how children learn to read.  This is a very complex process and the link below is a webinar from a very well-respected researcher in the Science of Reading, Jennifer Buckingham.  As the webinar is an hour long we thought it would be helpful to summarize the key points in this overview.

If you would like to watch the full length webinar, follow this link.

On the following link you will be able to access a range of resources to support your child’s development in reading using the Read Write Inc. resources that your child also uses in school.  Your child’s teacher will communicate which set of sounds your child is working on at the moment and this is the set of resources you should access.  It will be either Set 1, 2 or 3.  Firstly, click on the drop-down menu for the appropriate  set of sounds for you child.  In here you will find a sound pronunciation video (really helpful to ensure you are teaching your child the correct way to say the sound), a link to access the daily sound lessons on the Read, Write, Inc YouTube channel and (for Set 2 and 3) access to a range of e-books to practice the sounds they are learning.  (You will need to register for free to access these.)

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